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Service work looks more professional when placing tools on a Work Mat.


Proven to protect work areas from scratches, dents, burns marks & stains.


Waterproof rubber protects benchtops & floors from oil, glue, silicon & paint.


Heat resistant up to 120 degrees for moderate protection from hot tools.


Highly durable rubber will last for hundreds of service & repair jobs.


Compact, portable & it will roll out laying flat without curling back up.


Superior surface protection that your customers will truely appreciate!

7 Major Benefits When Using A Tidy Tradie Work Mat

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Messy Work Habits Can Be Prevented By Using A Work Mat!

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Work Mats will help to protect your clients property from work mess, scratches & stains.

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Superior surface protection



Prevents scratches, dents & stains



Waterproof protection from liquids



Protects floors vanities benchtops



Heat resistant up to 120 degrees



Rolls out flat without curling up



Firm flexible rubber, not stiff PVC



Conforms to shower & bath tubs



Has built-in valcro ties



Durable tear resistant rubber



Folds so mess slides into the bin



Easy to clean for the next job



Compact design for easy storage



Will last for hundreds of jobs!



Shows customers you care



Service work looks professional



Saves time cleaning up work mess



Saves money preventing damage



Customers truely appreciate it!

Work Mat Advantages

Plumbers - drop their greasy tools, glue & silicon on the benchtop & floor.


Electricians - strip their wiring & drop the small copper off cuts into the carpet.


Locksmiths - place their tools & locks on the carpet leaving grease & oil stains.


HVAC techs - leave marks on the carpet from their greasy tool boxes.


Carpenters - make a mess with sawdust & glue, without covering the floor.


Kitchen installers - mark the floors & benchtops with all their tools & screws.


Painters - while doing small touch ups, flick tiny drops of paint everywhere.


Handy Men & Woman - drop their tools on the floor & create a bit of a mess.

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The new Work Mats no longer have the carry strap, making them look tidier when laid out flat.