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A rubber drop sheet will protect the client's home and property from damage. For example if you are working on a polished floorboard surface, by employing the Work Mat you are able to minimise scratches, dents, paint, dust and other types of work related damage.


This tool mat will help you save money by not damaging the client's home. By using The Tidy Tradie work mat you are able to provide your client's property with surface protection and thus eliminating the need to repair or replace any property.


The Tidy Tradie protective mat reduces work site damage and mess, therefore protecting your brand from bad publicity. Imagine if a tradesman does not use protective mats when working, upon completion of the job the client will be infuriated by the lack of care and will more than likely tell their friends and family about the poor work ethic.


Differentiate yourself from the competition by using the protective mat and becoming an efficient tradesman who thoroughly cleans a job site upon completion.


The work mat will help you save time by not having to clean up mess after you complete a job. Tradesmen can be held up at a job site for hours all because of they didn't use the rubber protection mat offered by The Tidy Tradie. Those hours spent cleaning mean less work is completed and less money is made.


The rubber protection mat is light, portable and will suit any job site.

The protection mat is highly durable and easy to clean and use.

The Tidy Tradie Work Mat, is an excellent customer service tool!

The real question is "Why not use The Tidy Tradie Work Mat?"

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No matter what service you provide, success is built on satisfying customers -- one at a time. It's about delivering great customer service.


Repeat business and referrals are fundamental to maximum long-term growth and profitability. After all, repeat clients and referrals are what's going to make your business successful. If every client is a one-time only, you’ll need to consistently fill the pipeline with fresh new prospects to get any work at all. Providing exceptional customer service significantly increases the odds of subsequent work.


Increase your client satisfaction by always using a Tidy Tradie Work Mat when working in their clean home and wear a pair of work boot covers.


A Tidy Tradie always carries with him a Work Mat, boot covers, a dustpan set and rubbish bag or even better a vacuum cleaner. Drop sheets and dust barriers are also a must!


Prove to your clients that You care, by developing the success habit of a Tidy Tradie!

Customer Service: fundamental to success... but so often forgotten.

Why use a Work Mat?

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