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"Tony at Tidy Tradie has been helping us deliver great customer service with his mats and boot covers, all our customers love them! The Tidy Tradie delivers absolutely fantastic service orders are usually dispatched the same day and never take more than a couple of days to arrive."




First time I used my Tidy Tradie Work mat I got compliments from the customer. Such a great product to help keep the area clean and look professional. I will be buying another one soon!


Shane - SW Energy


"We love your products and get comments everyday. Have never understood why so little tradies use these products . But its been great for us so thanks a lot."


Lucas - Wild Water Plumbing


"We had similar floor mats that we used but it’s great that you have done the extra few bits with the handle etc."


Dejan - Stove Doctor


"Hi Tony. Thanks for the mats, they look and perform so much better than the drop sheets I had been using for years!"


Raymond - Steadfast Locksmith QLD



"The Tidy Tradie has been well accepted by API Locksmith's and is now a valuable tool in all vans. It has many advantages over a simple drop sheet and is extremely durable"


Lionel Markwort - API Locksmith's, NSW/ACT/QLD Operations Manager



"These mats are great. We have one in every truck".


Andrew Vanny Plumbing - Sydney



"Our clients are very appreciative not only of the fact that it serves a great purpose, but it also looks very professional. The Tidy Tradie range has proven to be a really simple and inexpensive way of giving our clients that "little something extra". Setting us apart from the rest".


Nik Treharne - Sydney, NSW



Thanks for the Tidy Tradie Mats, such a simple idea but nobody's done it before! it appears that the simplest ideas are generally the best.


We use the mats specifically for protection of our clients benchtops and floor coverings, especially at the time of fitoff. I beleive that the mats would be useful for most tradesmen, but are most suited to Plumbers and Carpenters as these tradesmen appear to have a lot of contact with our finished product just prior to handover.

The Mats provide excellent protection to finishedsurfaces but more importantly the mats demonstrate to our clients that we do care about their benches and carpets and when we have completed the job the mat is easily gathered and taken outside for a shake and then rolled up and stored.

Thanks again!


Barry - QLD Australia



Since using the Tidy Tradie Work Mat, I wondered how I managed without it. It has proven itself invaluable on many occasions protecting not only my clients from apprentice’s enthusiasm, but also my reputation. I cannot recommend it more highly.




Whangarei, New Zealand.