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Here you'll read some background information on how the protective rubber mat or "The Tidy Tradie Work Mat" originated. This section of the website is designed to give you an overview of how the work mat came to be and why it is ideal for protecting surfaces.


Over the years I have managed many tradesmen and completed a large number of projects on time and under budget. This has been a highly rewarding experience. After supervising these projects and gaining vast amounts of experience there is one thing that I keep encountering. That is the ongoing issue of tradesmen not cleaning up after themselves. Whilst at job sites tradesmen were not using any sort of work mats, tool mats or protective mats. This issue may seem quite insignificant to some, but rest assured this issue is one that could ruin your reputation or cost your business additional time and money.


Imagine a job near completion, tradesmen are working on new carpets, polished timber floors, tiled bathrooms and expensive vanity and kitchen bench tops. At this stage of the project, stains, scratches or dents can start to occur and property can be damaged. These issues can be solved by laying down rubber protection mats to ensure surface protection. For example a tradesman and his apprentice arrive at a job site and begin working on a minor job which should only take 30 minutes. As there is no one at the site to supervise them and the job is quick and easy no protective mat or tool mat will be used. Here in lies the problem.


My experience in the industry shows that while working on clients homes, without using protective rubber mats tradesman will more than likely leave behind, silicon, glue, paint, dust and even scratches on surfaces. Tradesman are often in a hurry and do not have time to properly prepare the site. Had they used a tool mat or a work mat then cleaning up would be quick, easy and problem free. The use of a rubber protection mat would have ensured surface protection and client piece of mind.


After careful consideration of this troubling issue I knew that a solution was desperately needed. A solution that would save time for tradesmen and save the clients property from damage. I spent time researching and developing a tool mat or work mat that could be used for surface protection. I took action and produced the "Tidy Tradie Work Mat", which is a rubber protection mat that is used for protecting surfaces and your reputation.


Tony Gouverneur

Inventor of the Tidy Tradie Work Mat

Why use one?


Who uses one? How to get one? Rubber protection mat Protective rubber mat

Work Mat Advantages

Superior surface protection



Prevents scratches, dents & stains



Waterproof protection from liquids



Protects floors vanities benchtops



Heat resistant up to 120 degrees



Rolls out flat without curling up



Firm flexible rubber, not stiff PVC



Conforms to shower & bath tubs



Has built-in ties & carry strap



Durable tear resistant rubber



Folds so mess slides into the bin



Easy to clean for the next job



Compact design for easy storage



Will last for hundreds of jobs!



Shows customers you care



Service work looks professional



Saves time cleaning up work mess



Saves money preventing damage



Customers truely appreciate it!