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Learn About The Latest Plumber "Customer Service Tool".


Out of all the trade services, plumbers are at the head of the list when it comes to tough competition.


That is why you will spot more plumbing vans or trucks on the road than any other trade vehicle.


They have the big bright paint jobs, clever marketing displays and all the latest gear. Second on the list would be electricians but it's the plumbers who are setting the new standard for the modern Tradie of Australia.


The leading plumbing companies (who make the most money) are doing whatever it takes to improve their customer service, gaining them that extra advantage over their competition. Plumbers have to use clever marketing tactics, like for example:


* Provide up front pricing.

* Offer discounts on all the services provided.

* Provide lifetime guarantees on their labour.

* Pay back money for every minute they're late to a job.

* Offer pensioner discounts.

* Promise to clean the house for free, if it's left in a mess.

* Provide a 24hr 7 day a week service.

* Wear smart, professional looking work clothes.

* Wear work boot covers inside the home.


The great thing about strong competition in the work place is that it provides greater customer service!


Now if you're a plumber who is not keeping up with the latest marketing/business tactics, then you will surely over time, lose your business to the ones who are.


If you have already implemented these tactics into your business then congratulations!


There is another relatively new customer service tool which has been embraced by some of the leading plumbing companies in Australia.


If you're a clean plumber, then it is very likely you already have in your tool kit, a Tidy Tradie - Work Mat.


It's the latest plumber customer service tool to hit the market.


Gone are the days where you could just dump your greasy tools and glue bottles on the work area, like vanities, bench tops, bath tubs, carpet etc. This Portable Rubber Tool Mat protects the work surface from scratches, burn marks and stains. The customers truly appreciate it when they see tradies using a Work Mat in their home.


If you're not using Work Mats already, then I would strongly suggest you add them to your customer service strategy.


Customers LOVE to talk about a tidy plumber!

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